Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1953. It has intermediate and secondary Islamic institutes in major cities of Saudi Arabia. As such it is deemed a higher academic institution, comprising the higher institutes, colleges, and Sharia institutes in Saudi Arabia. TEQZO have done the installation of Video Wall Bezel Less Console for Al-Imam University – Saudi. Bezel Less video wall structure are floor mounted structure that consist of modular elements that could be configured in linear as well as curved orientation in any required matrix. All structural elements are made of modular, knock-down parts constructed out of 2.5mm thick powder coated steel machined to extreme accuracy. Connecting elements are precision machined out of stainless steel. All cosmetic elements are made of 0.8mm thick powder coated steel.

Video-Wall-Bezel-10          Video-Wall-Bezel-9

TEQZO will also integrate the video walls displays with necessary displays, video controllers and required IT hardware which enables customers to connect an infinite number of sources to the video-wall and freely determine size and position of this content.

Video-Wall-Bezel-7          Video-Walls-Bezel-14

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Application Areas : Command consoles, workstations, rack mount consoles and monitor walls can be found in security – surveillance command centers, industrial process control rooms, network operations centers, military command centers, power/utility control rooms, and data centers, Control room displays for Media Centres, TV studios-Tele communications, Data Monitoring Production Rooms, Surveillance and Security, News Rooms, Mission Control Rooms, Main Control Rooms, Central Control Rooms, Hiper Walls, Stadium Displays, Airport Displays, Medical Imaging, Digital signage, Trading Floors, Scientific imaging, Military Operations, Air Surveillance, CCTV surveillance etc.

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